Strengthen memory with Saffron and Thyme

Strengthen memory with Saffron and Thyme

Strengthen memory with saffron

For many years, people no longer use chemical drugs to cure some of their diseases and try to use various herbal teas and extracts. In this article, we have tried to express ways to strengthen memory with saffron .

Strengthening memory is also one of the issues that are of concern to many people who are exposed to Alzheimer's or who are completing academic courses.

Saffron is famous for improving memory. Saffron stimulates nerve cells and also has a great effect on people's relaxation.

Strengthen memory with saffron

Strengthen memory with saffron and saffron teas!!

Consuming saffron tea is one of the things that you can use to strengthen your memory. But there are many plants that are effective in strengthening the brain along with saffron.

Saffron and lavender

Lavender is one of the old known plants whose properties in treating diseases such as vertigo, mental retardation and forgetfulness are not hidden from anyone. To strengthen the memory with saffron, it is enough to pour the necessary amount of these two ingredients into a teapot and drink it after brewing. For more effect, drink two glasses of this tea daily.

Saffron and almonds

A decoction of saffron and almonds is useful for strengthening memory. Almonds are among the nutritious nuts for the body that strengthen the brain and increase its function. Almonds are rich in lean protein, zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help strengthen nerves and improve brain cell function.

Saffron and Aishan: tea

Thyme, with its warm nature, together with saffron, strengthens the intellectual powers of the brain. Apigenin in thyme is very useful for increasing the number of brain neurons. Increasing the number of neurons makes the brain cells stronger, so it is recommended to prevent Alzheimer's and improve memory performance in many cases.


Saffron and rosemary

Rosemary is one of the fragrant mountain plants that can be used to improve memory. The abundant antioxidants present in the rosemary plant help to repair damaged brain cells. In addition to strengthening memory, rosemary also plays a role in the treatment of migraine, depression and Alzheimer's.

To strengthen memory with saffron and rosemary, you should pour 30 grams of rosemary in a liter of warm water and boil it with some honey, then add saffron and a little spring orange to it and drink two glasses a day.

Saffron and beet

Beetroot is one of those foods that have a lot of sugar and phosphorus. Beetroot increases blood flow to the brain. In this way, the walls of brain vessels are stimulated and blood circulation is done better. This condition improves the activity of brain nerves and prevents brain damage. To strengthen the memory , combine these two ingredients with saffron and beetroot and drink as tea.

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