The Effect of Saffron on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

The Effect of Saffron on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

The effect of saffron on Parkinson's , Alzheimer's and  Aging on the Nervous System :


The effect of saffron on Parkinso

Parkinson's disease is another neurological disease that is more common among the elderly. This disease is caused by the destruction of cells that secrete dopamine. Of course, this disease can have various reasons. But why nerve cells are destroyed, scientists have not yet found a clear reason for it. Patients with this disease feel tremors in their joints while standing still. The greater the severity of the disease in these people, the greater the intensity of tremors in them. In Parkinson's patients, due to the increase in the amount of acetylcholine compared to dopamine in the brain, it is observed that this will cause the muscles to dry and stiffen, and it is even possible for these people to twist their hands and feet. No specific origin has been found for this disease. This disease occurs more often in old age. But Parkinson's disease has also been observed in other age groups.
There is no definitive treatment for Parkinson's disease. But with different methods, it can be controlled and its effects can be reduced among the affected people so that they can have less problems in their daily life and continue to live like normal people. One of these ways is to use saffron spice in the diet of these people, which must be under the supervision of a doctor. 
But how can saffron help improve Parkinson's along with the use of chemical drugs? According to laboratory research conducted by world scientists in different countries, there are three main ingredients in saffron. The three components of saffron determine the quality of saffron. These three substances include crocin, which is the coloring element of saffron, picrocrocin, which determines the taste of saffron, and safranal, which makes saffron fragrant. Apart from their functions, these substances also have many medicinal Benefits. Of course, crocin can be called the most important component of saffron. This element is very effective in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, as it acts as a protective shield against the destruction of brain cells, and this protection makes useful brain cells less destroyed and prevents the progression of Parkinson's disease. Therefore, the crocin contained in saffron can not only prevent the development of Parkinson's disease, but also prevent other neurological and brain diseases. The fact that crocin has been able to prevent Parkinson's disease has been proven in one of the laboratories that tested rats. It should be mentioned here that consuming saffron on its own and in excess can bring many risks and you should consult your doctor before using saffron so that he can give you the necessary instructions to add saffron spice to Do your diet.


The effect of saffron on Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's is one of the most common types of dementia. At first, this disease weakens the patient's memory slowly and little by little, so that at the beginning of Alzheimer's disease, the patient's short-term memory decreases and disappears, after a while he loses his long-term memory as well. . But in advanced cases, it destroys the patient's nerves and mental abilities, such as thinking, reasoning, and judging about common and mundane issues, and causes many problems in daily life for the person and his family.
Alzheimer's disease is a neurological disease and it is called neurogenic in scientific language. This disease is a weakness in remembering people and understanding many things that occur in daily life. Alzheimer's patients lose their cognitive abilities, including memory, emotions, speech, and even their personality and personal behaviors. This disease is increasing in the whole world and it is more common among the elderly as a neurological disease. Alzheimer's is a dangerous disease that eventually causes the patient's gradual death.
Alzheimer's disease is currently the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Alzheimer's causes the destruction and weakening of economic systems, as well as the destruction of health resources, and leaves a lot of expenses on the hands of the governments and also the family of the person with Alzheimer's disease. Also, families suffer a lot mentally and emotionally. It would be great if Alzheimer's disease could be cured, but currently there is no specific treatment for this disease. Experts and doctors are of the opinion that it is better to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's or to prevent its progress.
The saffron plant is considered a natural memory enhancer and the antioxidants in saffron are useful against toxic agents that cause brain shrinkage and dementia. In other words, natural saffron is a very effective medicine to prevent Alzheimer's. In the field of the effect of saffron on Alzheimer's disease, many studies have been conducted that show that natural saffron has the ability to treat Alzheimer's patients in a very effective way, as a normal treatment. Of course, it should be noted that people with Alzheimer's disease do not recover by eating saffron alone.
Of course, the consumption of saffron has a remarkable effect on the recovery and treatment of these people, or it is better to say that before someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he should use saffron spice in his food and drinks so that his memory remains strong and the person's brain against the poison. Those that cause dementia, be resistant. Of course, in advanced laboratories, chemical drugs are also prepared from saffron extracts, which are used in the treatment of various diseases. As tablets and syrups containing the antioxidant crocin are
.made from the extract of the saffron plant

The effect of saffron in the treatment of depression

Another neurological disease that a person may suffer in old age is depression. Psychological scientists have concluded that depression is the most prevalent among all neurological and mental diseases, with extensive research conducted on different societies. People can suffer from depression in different situations. Such as having problems in daily work and the person in question not having the ability to solve his problems, or the productivity of the person in his job will decrease and he will no longer be able to get his previous job position. Also, in emotional relationships that have the greatest impact on depression, more people suffer from this disease. Some physical conditions, such as being too fat or too weak, may have an effect on causing depression. 
In old age, people usually become lonely and many people lose their family and close people and can no longer work and be productive as before. Feeling sad can be a part of normal emotions in people, because sad things happen in everyone's life. But if you regularly feel sad, miserable, and hopeless, you have depression. Depression is a nervous and mood disorder. The feeling of sadness and sadness, which is always together, afflicts the sick person, which is one of the symptoms of depression, and the result is the disruption of the daily activities of the depressed person. Inactivity is another cause of depression. Weakness of physical strength as well as weakness of brain in remembering daily issues and inability to solve daily problems is another factor of depression. The saffron plant, having an element called safranal, can solve the problem of depression in the elderly. This substance naturally causes the release of happiness hormone in the brain and can cure depression to a great extent in a person suffering from this disease. Of course, the consumption of saffron should be moderate, and excessive consumption of this spice should be avoided, because as mentioned
.before, excessive consumption is harmful and has side effect

The reason for the effectiveness of saffron in the treatment of diseases of the elderly

As mentioned, saffron can be effective in treating many different diseases. Based on various clinical studies that have been conducted on the  Benefits of saffron spice since the distant past, scientists have come to the conclusion that saffron can have a great effect in the treatment of various diseases. The presence of crocin in saffron spice proves that this plant can cure various diseases. Crocin, which is present in the saffron spice, is a strong antioxidant, and many of the therapeutic  Benefits obtained by consuming saffron are due to the presence of this substance. Currently, scientists are still conducting experiments on saffron spice to find out how much saffron can treat the diseases of the elderly.
Saffron spice, which has a very powerful antioxidant called crocin, can be the source of making many medicines to treat various diseases. In this article, we try to investigate the effect of saffron on diseases related to the elderly.

Note: In this section, we point out that excessive consumption of saffron may have many consequences and harms. So if you decide to use saffron, it is better to consult your doctor first. 
According to research conducted by laboratory scientists, the saffron plant consists of various elements, many of which affect human nerves. Saffron causes happiness due to its effects on human nerves. Also, due to the effect it has on the metabolism and blood circulation in the body, it makes you feel refreshed. Consuming it in moderation and under the supervision of a doctor in the elderly can significantly help to strengthen their physical strength, which for this reason raises the spirits of these people and thus makes the nerves of the elderly strong

Side effects of excessive consumption of saffron in the elderly 

As you know, consuming too much of any kind of food and spice can be dangerous and have severe side effects. Saffron is no exception to this rule.
Among the most common side effects of excessive consumption of saffron in the elderly are dizziness, vomiting, yellowing of the skin and eyes, diarrhea, food poisoning, nosebleeds, numbness of the eyelids and lips, etc.

Drug interaction of saffron

As you know, the use of saffron causes anxiety, drowsiness, upset stomach, allergic reaction, etc., therefore, in some cases, saffron interferes with blood pressure medications.

Allergic reaction to saffron

Saffron, like many foods, can cause allergies in some people and cause symptoms such as; Hives, cough, asthma, etc. That's why we suggest you to see a doctor if you experience the above symptoms after consuming saffron. 

For which people is it very dangerous to consume saffron

As we said, saffron stimulates emotional behaviors well, therefore, the consumption of this spice can be dangerous for people with bipolar disorder, low blood pressure, heart patients, etc

Elderly people can benefit from the saffron of this magical plant due to its stimulating effect on the nervous system of people, to relieve insomnia, which is the source of brain stimulation. Saffron can be eaten with food and consumed as an infusion. Due to the antioxidant  Benefits  of saffron, it can be used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the prevention of heart diseases as well as cancer-related diseases. In traditional medicine, this plant and its therapeutic  Benefits have been highly regarded.
In traditional medicine, saffron is called a herbal medicine, happy and relaxing. It can also treat many diseases that are more prevalent in the elderly. Saffron has a high place in modern medical science. The ingredients of saffron, each of which has its own
 Benefits , are used in making chemical and modern medicines. Due to its strong antioxidant  Benefits , crocin has a very good effect in the treatment of brain neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and sclerosis. This substance has been very effective and useful in preventing the development of all types of cancers. Consumption of saffron has a very good anti-depressant effect and is considered one of the suitable herbal medicines for the treatment of this disease. Also, people who suffer from iron deficiency can overcome this problem by consuming saffron, because saffron, with its property, causes iron absorption from food in the body, and as a result, the problem of lack of blood platelets and anemia that is caused by poverty. It dissolves iron. According to ancient medicine, the nature of saffron is hot and dry. Saffron tea is a very suitable medicine for the problem of chronic and long coughs. One of the most important Benefits of saffron is creating happiness in the mind,strengthening muscles and improving blood circulation

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