The Effect of Saffron on Vision Disorders_ Saffron Improves Vision in Aging Humans

The Effect of Saffron on Vision Disorders

If you recently realized that you have weak eyes or you have recently encountered new eye problems and your glasses or medical lenses are not helping you, it is better to go for saffron. Because according to recent studies, there may be a natural solution to improve and strengthen eyesight using saffron. 
According to the latest global studies, saffron can improve your vision effortlessly and naturally. This test was conducted on people who have macular degeneration or AMD (the disease that is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly). They added and used 20 mg of saffron in their daily diet for three months, and in the end they encountered very positive results.
Dr. Silvia Bisti, a researcher who has studied these patients, believes that this spice affects the genes that are responsible for regulating the fatty acid of the cell membrane, and this strengthens vision. Saffron is often used as a spice in a variety of foods, but according to new findings, this substance may be included in treatment programs, especially for AMD patients.

Properties of saffron on the eyes

Australian researchers have also come to the conclusion that saffron has very important and strong elements in preventing the reduction of eyesight and blindness
These studies, which were conducted in one of the centers of ophthalmology and vision research in Australia, proved that the consumption of saffron has a significant effect on the genes that contribute to the better functioning of vision cells
In continuation of these tests, some patients with macular degeneration, which is actually a type of eye complication caused by aging, were subjected to clinical tests. In these investigations, it was found that the timely treatment of these patients with supplements containing saffron extract can repair the damage to the visual cells
As the results of this research showed, saffron extractNot only do they protect the photoreceptor cells in the eye from destruction, but they can also prevent diseases such as macular degeneration and retinal pigment inflammation, a type of genetic eye disease and the most important cause of night blindness
Another study and research conducted on animals showed that a diet containing saffron can protect the eyes from damage caused by bright sunlight and prevent the development of genetic diseases such as pigment inflammation. slow down and postpone 
As the researchers believe, saffron is effective in regulating the function of vision cells and protects vision cells from damage. It also prevents the development of eye diseases and restores damaged eye cells. Saffron is also effective in the treatment of retinal macular disorders that occur in old age. This is the reason why the consumption of saffron in the diet is highly recommended for the elderly and
people with eye diseases

The effect of saffron on strengthening the eyes

Saffron is often used as a spice in all kinds of foods
, but according to the new findings of this substance, it may be effective in eye treatment programs: • Saffron contains carotenoid antioxidants known as crocin and crostin

 The anti-oxidation properties in crocin are very effective and can prevent the formation of lipid peroxidase (a type of damage that occurs to tissues and can cause several diseases)

 It can also partially restore superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities
 SOD is one of the anti-oxidation enzymes in the body that reduces oxidative
stress in the body

This spice can improve the activities of this enzyme in AMD patients
So if you have vision problems, and you feel that saffron can help you, consult your doctor about using this spice

 Saffron capsules and prevention of vision disorders

Another group of researchers examined people with saffron capsules in a specified dose and found that after a month, a significant improvement in their vision occurred. According to these scientists, saffron can be used as a method to prevent blindness in the elderly, and its consumption can also act as a natural sunglasses that protect the eyes from sunlight damage
Also, after years of research, one of the scientists of the Sydney University has realized that the antioxidants in saffron can prevent blindness and also improve the vision of people with vision disorders

According to this scientist's research, the number of people who were prescribed saffron pills for three months have improved their eyesight after this short period of time, which shows the properties of this miraculous plant. It has prevented blindness

Scientists have found that the use of saffron reduces the possibility of blindness in the elderly, and those who have vision problems of any kind can help improve
these problems by regularly consuming saffron

Saffron and cataracts

Like fennel, saffron is useful in strengthening eyesight and especially treating cataracts. According to the properties found in saffron, researchers believe that this plant can lead to vision loss in the elderly and people with eye disorders

Cataract, in the simplest definition, is cloudiness in the lens of the eye, inside the eye and behind the iris, there is a transparent lens whose task is to focus light rays on the retina
When the structure of the proteins in the lens changes and an obstacle is created in the path of the light that is trying to pass through it, lens opacification has occurred
The main reason for the formation of cataracts is due to increasing age, the most common type of which usually affects people aged 65 to 74 years and above, but there are cases of cataracts that can be seen from the age of 35 years and above. With increasing age, The regular structure of the proteins of the eye lens is disturbed, and with the breakdown of this protein structure, dark spots appear on the lens of the eye. With the development of these dark spots, the lens of the eye gradually loses its transparency and becomes unable to pass light
In fact, you can add saffron to your routine before this age and even before any eye complications occur, so that you stay away from these problems and reduce the symptoms and effects if you have them

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