How to prepare saffron panna cotta

How to prepare saffron panna cotta

Ingredients for saffron panna cotta
Milk 3 glasses
Sugar 12 tablespoons
Brewed saffron 2 tablespoons
Gelatin powder 3 tablespoons
cream 3 tablespoons
Rose 3 tablespoons
vanilla The tip of a teaspoon

How to prepare saffron panna cotta

first stage

To prepare delicious saffron panna cotta , first pour half a cup of milk and gelatin into a suitable bowl and mix until it becomes spongy. Next, we place the bowl on the steam of the kettle or samovar using the bain-marie method.

second stage

Now slowly stir the milk until the gelatin is completely dissolved in the milk. Next, we pour the rest of the milk with sugar into a suitable pot and put it on medium heat until it reaches the boiling point.

third level

At this stage, after the milk begins to boil, we add vanilla to the pot along with infused saffron, cream, rose water and the mixture of milk and boiled gelatin. Next, we combine the ingredients and remove the pot from the heat.

The fourth stage

Now we let the ingredients cool completely, then we grease a suitable mold with a little oil, then we pour the panna cotta mixture into the mold. Next, we put the mold in the refrigerator so that the dessert takes shape and closes according to the code women's instructions.

The fifth stage

We give about 5 to 6 hours for the dessert to harden completely, then we take it out of the refrigerator. To remove the dessert from the mold, first grease the tip of a sharp knife with a little oil, then release the edges of the dessert with the knife.

The sixth stage

After we have separated the edges of the dessert from the mold, we put a suitable container on the lid of the mold, then we put the mold back on the container. Finally, we put the dessert in the refrigerator until serving time so that it remains consistent.


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