Persian Halva Recipe with saffron : Saffron pudding with wheat flour

Persian Halva Recipe with saffron : Saffron pudding with wheat flour

Persian Halva Recipe with saffron : Saffron pudding with wheat flour

Halwa ( Saffron pudding with wheat flour )  has the property of increasing energy and has been used since ancient times and relieves fatigue.

Necessary ingredients for 4 people


125 grams (1 glass)


125 cc (1 glass)


125 cc (1 glass)

Rose water

35 cc (¼ cup)

cardamom sweat

1 teaspoon

Brewed saffron (optional)

2 thick tablespoons


125 grams

Frying oil

¼ cup

How to prepare simple halvah

first stage

To prepare simple and delicious halvah, first pour water and sugar into a suitable pot and put it on low heat. Next, slowly stir the water with a wooden spoon until the sugar dissolves completely.

second stage

After the sugar is completely dissolved, we add cardamom juice along with rose water. Adding infused saffron is optional, but we recommend that if the color of halva is important to you, you must add infused saffron to the syrup in the amount mentioned above.

third level

At this stage, after the syrup reaches the boiling point, we turn off the heat below it. Next, sift the flour into a suitable pan. Next, pour the butter and oil into a container and put it on a very gentle heat until the butter melts

The fourth stage

Now we put the pan containing the flour on a low heat, then we roast the flour for 30 to 45 minutes until its color changes and its rawness is completely removed. Now we sift the flour again and return it to the pan.

The fifth stage

After the flour is ready, add the mixture of oil and butter to the pan, then mix the ingredients well until they are completely uniform. After 10 minutes, add the syrup little by little to the pan and stir regularly.

The sixth stage

At this stage, we must stir the halva until it is consistent and not watery. Our halva is ready whenever we can shake the halva like a cradle in the pan until it completely separates from the pan walls

The seventh stage

Now pour the halva into a suitable container and decorate it according to your taste. If we want to have a more festive halwa, we can pour the halwa in a funnel with a flower tube and put the funnel in the form of beautiful flowers on a cedar plate.

How to prepare halvah tips

Fixing the hardening of halva

If after cooking the halva, you notice that the texture of your halva has hardened, put it back in the pan and put it on the heat, then add some butter or liquid oil and stir a little so that the texture of the halva becomes softer and smoother. .

The color of halva

One of the most important points that make the halva have a nice color is that the heat under the pan should be gentle during the entire cooking time. If the heat under the pan is too high, in addition to darkening the color of halva, it will also affect its taste


A special type of halwa called kachi is usually recommended to new mothers to compensate for weak physical strength.

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