Persian saffron rice pudding

Persian saffron rice pudding

Necessary ingredients for 4 people
half grain rice 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
Brewed saffron half a cup
cold water 6 cups
Rose ¼ cup
cardamom powder ¼ teaspoon
Butter 50 grams
Cinnamon to decorate
pistachio slices to decorate

How to prepare saffron rice pudding

first stage

First, we clean the fragrant and broken Iranian rice 3-4 hours before cooking and put it in a container full of water until it gets wet. Then we wash the rice several times and put it in the desired pot for cooking the saffron rice pudding. And we pour five times the water on it

second stage

At this stage, we put the pot on high heat so that it boils faster. After it boils, reduce the flame so that it cooks with gentle heat for 1 hour and opens completely.

How to prepare saffron rice pudding

Now we add the sugar and stir continuously until it dissolves completely in the tower. Then we add the saffron. If we see that the water of the yellow saffron is not enough at this stage when the sugar is completely dissolved, we can add boiling water little by little. Do it until it reaches the amount we want and it is enough

The fourth stage

(If we add boiling water before adding sugar, by adding sugar to the yellow husk, we may dilute it and have a very watery yellow husk) Then when the mixture of sugar and rice is cooked and it settles, so to speak

The fifth stage

(You can mix it with a good electric meat grinder to have a one-handed saffron rice pudding ) In the last 15 minutes, we add some almond slices and stir the  pudding continuously, and when it reaches our desired concentration, at the end, butter, rose, Add cardamom powder


This will prevent the  pudding from hardening, and after 5 minutes, we take the pot off the heat and let it cool down a little, then put it in the desired container and cover it with cinnamon and almond slices or pistachio slices. Decorate and enjoy


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