Persian Stuffed Fish Recipe ( Mahi Shekam Por )

Persian Stuffed Fish Recipe ( Mahi Shekam Por )

Stuffed fish is one of the most delicious and popular international dishes that can be prepared with various recipes. 

Necessary ingredients for 4 people
Fish 1 piece
Walnut 1 cup
aromatic vegetable 6 tablespoons
onion 2 pcs
garlic 4 pills
barberry 5 tablespoons
Fresh lime juice 1 piece
Pomegranate paste 5 to 6 tablespoons
Brewed saffron enough
Salt, black pepper, garlic powder and turmeric enough


How to prepare stuffed fish

first stage

To prepare delicious stuffed fish, at the beginning of the work, the inside of the fish is dipped in saffron, then we make 3 to 4 slits on the surface of the fish. Next, we pour some salt, black pepper and garlic powder inside the fish and on it.

second stage

Now we massage the fish so that the spices are absorbed into the fish meat. Next, we pour fresh lime juice into the fish and on it, then massage again until the fish tastes good. Next, we remove the skin of 2 garlic and 1 onion.

third level

At this stage, we cut the garlic and onion into slices, then put some on the fish and some inside the fish belly. Next, we cover the dish with cellophane and let the fish rest in the refrigerator for 4 hours to taste

The fourth stage

Now, after this time, we prepare the ingredients inside the fish belly, for this purpose, we first remove the skin of the remaining onion, then wash it and chop it finely. Next, peel the garlic and grate it finely.

The fifth stage

At this stage, we wash the aromatic vegetables (cilantro and parsley), then put them in a colander and let their excess water drain out. Next, we place the fragrant vegetable on the meat board, then finely chop it.

The sixth stage

Now pour the walnut kernel into the food processor, then mix until it is completely powdered and ground. Next, we put a suitable pan on low heat and pour some liquid oil into it, then immediately add onion and turmeric to the pan.

The seventh stage

At this stage, we fry the onion until it becomes light and translucent, then add the garlic and continue to fry until the aroma of the garlic is released. Next, add the barberry to the onion and fry a little, then add the walnuts

The eighth stage

Now we continue roasting until the raw smell of walnuts is removed. Next, we add the chopped vegetables to the walnut mixture, then fry until the vegetable aroma is released and the color changes. Next, we add pomegranate paste to the middle ingredients.

The ninth stage

At this stage, we fry the walnut mixture again until the ingredients are mixed, then we turn off the heat and let them cool completely. Next, we take the fish out of the refrigerator, then put the oven on a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

tenth stage

At this point, let the oven heat up completely. Next, we empty the inside of the fish body, then pour the middle ingredients inside and fix the belly of the fish with a toothpick so that the ingredients do not come out of the belly of the fish. Next, cover the oven tray with foil.

The eleventh stage

Now we put the fish in the tray, then we put the tray in the middle of the oven and let the fish stay in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours until the brain is completely cooked. Next, after this time, we turn on the grill.

The twelfth stage

Finally, we allow the stuffed fish to be grilled for 4 to 5 minutes until it turns golden and beautiful. At the end of the month, we remove the stuffed belly from the oven, then put it in the desired dish and decorate with parsley and lemon. Enjoy your meal.


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