Benefits of Saffron Tor The Liver, Saffron Offers Protection From Live

Benefits of Saffron Tor The Liver, Saffron Offers Protection From Liver Cancer

To investigate the Benefits of saffron for the liver, researchers have conducted studies focusing on liver problems and diseases. These studies show that saffron can have very good effects on liver function and efficiency. Saffron can be effective in improving liver disorders such as hepatitis, cancer and fatty liver.

The most important factors that can damage saffron and destroy its tissue are inflammatory agents and free radicals, for this purpose, we will emphasize the anti-inflammatory Benefits and antioxidant Benefits of saffron to check the

Benefits of saffron for the liver.


Benefits of saffron for the liver

Due to the presence of large amounts of effective substances and antioxidants that can effectively and reliably fight against inflammations and free radicals, saffron brings many Benefits and benefits to the liver.

Also, saffron can improve blood circulation and function of other body organs, and in a synergistic effect, it can lead to improvement of liver function.

How important is the liver in the human body?

The liver is a relatively large organ on the right side and under the ribs and diaphragm. This organ plays a very vital role in detoxification and energy metabolism in the human body. All the nutrients that are absorbed first go to the liver through the portal vein, where they are processed and purified.

The liver is the center of metabolism of all kinds of fats (cholesterol, TAG, phospholipids and steroids) in the body. In other words, any increase or decrease in blood fat is directly related to the liver and its function.

The synthesis of a large percentage of lipoproteins is done in the liver, and in fact, lipoproteins are the molecules that carry fat. The liver is the main center for the production of amino acids and glycogen. In fact, anything related to the 3 main macromolecules needed by the human body, i.e. fat, protein and sugar, is directly related to the liver.

This level of liver efficiency shows us that ensuring its health is of great importance. In this regard, we intend to check the Benefits of saffron for the liver.

Help to treat fatty liver

One of the Benefits of saffron for the liver is to help improve and treat fatty liver. Fatty liver is one of the important liver problems and disorders that can have different degrees of severity. Fatty liver is divided into 3 degrees according to the amount of fat accumulated in the liver.

In general, if the amount of liver fat is more than 5%, the liver will be fatty. Fatty liver can be caused by various factors such as alcohol, lifestyle, or certain conditions and periods of life.

In general, we can divide fatty liver into two types, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You might think to yourself that how many alcoholics should be placed in a separate division.

The reason for this is that alcohol directly and with a high percentage can lead to fatty liver. Alcohol is a carbon compound and, like sugar, it is an energy source. All energy-generating compounds are metabolized in the liver, and alcohol is no exception.

How does saffron help treat fatty liver?

One of the reasons for the accumulation of fats in the liver and fatty liver is the creation of oxidation conditions for lipoproteins and their accumulation in the liver. Let's say that lipoprotein is a machine that moves fats, and if this machine breaks down anywhere, the fats stay there.

This accumulation of fat can occur in the liver or blood vessels and lead to fatty liver or heart attacks. Saffron is a substance that can prevent the breakdown of this fat transporter and reduce the possibility of increasing fat accumulation in different tissues.

Another factor that leads to the accumulation of fat in tissues is inflammation. Having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Benefits, saffron can prevent the accumulation of fats in the liver and improve fatty liver.

Saffron and hepatitis

Another property of saffron for the liver, which is also very important, is the property of improving and preventing hepatitis in the liver. Hepatitis in general means inflammation in the liver and any inflammation in healthy tissues leads to dysfunction of that tissue.

This inflammation (hepatitis) can be caused by various factors such as alcohol, viruses (HCV, HBV) and drugs. One of the Benefits of saffron for the liver, which is based on the anti-inflammatory Benefits of saffron, is the prevention and improvement of hepatitis.

Prevention of liver cancer

New studies on the Benefits of saffron for the liver show that saffron has significant effects in preventing liver cancer. In these studies, when saffron was added to mice with DEN-induced cancer, we saw inhibition of cell proliferation and increased apoptosis. Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer and the third cause of death in humans.

Factors such as HCV and HBV viruses, environmental oncogenic factors, fatty liver, iron overload, and alcohol consumption can be the underlying factors of liver cancer. DEN is also one of these carcinogenic substances that is present in tobacco smoke, cosmetics, gasoline and processed foods.


Study on laboratory animals

In a study to investigate the effect of saffron on cancer caused by DEN for 22 weeks and twice a day with a dose of 75 mg per kg, 150 mg per kg and 300 mg per kg were prescribed.

In the results of this study, it is stated that the consumption of saffron significantly reduces the number and incidence of liver nodules. Animals that received the full dose showed complete inhibition of proliferative cancerous nodules. This means that inhibiting the progress of cancer leads to helping the treatment process.

So, as a result, we can say that the Benefits of saffron for the liver can be effective in reducing liver inflammation, preventing the proliferation of liver cells and increasing cell death, effectively preventing liver cancer.

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