Relief of Muscle Pain With The Help Of Saffron: Saffron Tea for Streng

Relief of Muscle Pain With The Help Of Saffron: Saffron Tea for Strengthen Your Muscles

If you want to reduce your muscle pain after sports activity, it is better to use saffron, this special spice can

Relieve your muscle pain and soothe your pain. You can also use saffron tea to strengthen your muscles.

A new study shows that saffron is more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs in preventing muscle weakness and pain after strenuous exercise.

Researchers have shown that saffron incredibly prevents muscle pain and increases muscle strength.

Saffron is a famous spice obtained from the flower of the saffron plant with the scientific name Crocus stivas.

Previous studies have shown that saffron is rich in useful compounds called carotenoids that prevent cancer and heart diseases.

Saffron Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects + Saffron Tea Recipes

Two carotenoids present in saffron, called crocin and crostin, have anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Dr. Abbas Memarbashi and Ali Rajabi, Iranian researchers, in a study whose results were published in the latest issue of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

The soothing effects of saffron on late muscle soreness after intense exercise were compared with the effect of indomethacin.

These researchers selected 39 men, approximately 18 years old, who had never participated in regular hard sports, and gave 12 of them 300 mg of saffron powder one week before a meal of intense exercise and 2 weeks after.

Another 12 men received the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin 3 times a day. 15 people were given a placebo (placebo) control group.

The group that ate saffron had no pain for 3 days after exercise. Indomethacin group had little pain up to 24 hours

And after 72 hours the pain was gone. The control group had severe muscle pain for 3 days, which peaked 48 hours later.

Thigh circumference, as an index of muscle swelling, did not change in the group receiving saffron and indomethacin.

But in the control group, it increased significantly after 24 hours. Muscle strength, as an indicator of their pain, decreased by 20% in the control group and increased by 64% in the group that ate saffron.

There was no significant change in the indomethacin group. Enzymes related to muscle inflammation were increased only in the control group.

Saffron is a key ingredient in natural supplements to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts, which have recently been approved in Canada. Warning: The effect of saffron on trained women and athletes is unknown.


Saffron Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects + Saffron Tea Recipes

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