Persian Saffron Date Halva Recipe An Extremely Delicious Dessert

Persian Saffron Date Halva Recipe An Extremely Delicious Dessert

Date halva with saffron - an extremely delicious dessert:

Halva is one of the popular and delicious desserts as well as nutritious, which can be used as a snack apart from gatherings. The main ingredient of halva is white flour and the best flavor for it is saffron. Date halva with saffron is a dessert and an extremely nutritious and delicious snack for days when you are tired of work and activities. It is very easy to make this halwa at home, just prepare the following ingredients and get started:


Necessary ingredients for preparing date halva with saffron:

  • White wheat flour: 150 grams
  • Dates without seeds: 500 grams
  • Brewed saffron : one tablespoon
  • Liquid oil: 1/4 glass
  • Rose water: 2 tablespoons
  • A mixture of pistachio and almond powder: one tablespoon


How to Make date halva:

To make this hearty dessert, you must first sift the wheat flour 2-3 times and then roast it until it turns brown. Then we add the oil to the flour. We wash the dates and take out the core and add them to the flour and oil. At this stage, crush the dates completely in the flour with the back of a spoon. Add rose water and saffron to the ingredients at this stage. After the halwa ingredients are fried well, remove from the heat and wait for a while until it cools down.

Your halva is ready, you can spread it in the form of rolls, balls, flat or any shape you like and use pistachio and almond powder to decorate it.

Be sure to read the following tips to make halvai dessert...

  • You can use butter instead of oil to get a better taste of date halva with saffron .
  • It is better to remove the date seeds before roasting the flour.
  • You can use cardamom powder instead of rose water for flavoring.
  • You can decorate the halva with coconut or sesame.
  • The preparation time of this dessert is 15 minutes and the ingredients mentioned above are enough for 8 people.


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