Saffron chicken omelette recipe : Chicken kooko

Saffron chicken omelette recipe : Chicken kooko

 Saffron chicken omelette ((‌ Chicken kooko ))  is a very tasty and aromatic food. You can also use blackberries and walnuts to decorate this cake. If you want the cooked chicken cakes to be round or oval; You can fry them in the same way on the stove. . 

Necessary ingredients for 2 to 3 people
Chicken breast A chicken breast
egg 2 pcs
 onion 2 pcs
garlic A small pill
Salt and black pepper To the extent necessary
Liquid oil and turmeric To the extent necessary
creamy youghurt
A heaping spoon
Walnut and barberry
to the desired amount

Recipe for cooking chicken coco

first stage

first stage

First, you need to cook a chicken breast with a small amount of water. Put an onion and a small clove of garlic, salt and pepper in the water and the chicken you want to cook and mix it, spread it on the heat until the chicken is cooked completely

second stage

Do not sit idle for the time it takes for the chicken to cook and move on from the other side. Take an onion and chop it very finely. The smaller and more precious it is, the better. And then fry the onion on the heat.

third level

 Put the cooked chicken on the board and chop it. It should be noted that the smaller the pieces of chopped chicken, the easier it is to return the chicken to the pan. So chop the chickens as much as you can. Do not rush and concentrate

The fourth stage

Now that your chicken is completely chopped, it is time to mix two eggs and a spoonful of creamy yogurt (it should be noted that the yogurt should not be watery at all), and the onion you made in the second step. .

The fifth stage

Pour infused saffron, a little salt and pepper on the shredded chicken and mix the ingredients. Mix the ingredients together and stir. The more your ingredients are mixed together, the better and tastier the result will be.

The sixth stage

Pour some oil in the pan and put it on the heat and when the oil is hot; Pour the prepared cocoa liquid into the pan and wait for it to fry. Then you can turn the liquid to fry the other side.

The seventh stage

At this stage, you can put the chicken breast in a round or oval shape in the pan and fry it well. It depends on your taste. You can even use cake molds for various shapes for coco

The seventh stage

As shown in the picture, you can roast some blackberries and chopped walnuts and put them on the side of the cocoa as a decoration. Barberry and walnuts will also make the food more delicious and fragrant. Enjoy your meal

Tips for preparing chicken coco

Note : Eggs must be used in sufficient quantity so that the cocoa has sufficient consistency.

If you don't want to fry the cookies on gas and oil, you can use the oven

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