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Saffron Tea Recipes : Health Benefits

In traditional medicine, eating different types of herbal teas to solve internal problems is more preferable than using chemical drugs. Saffron is one of the very special, fragrant and tasty plants that are used a lot in Iranian cooking. It is interesting to know that this plant is not only used in food, but by using it, you can prepare different and very tasty teas, which will be one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety, stress and depression

Properties of saffron tea

  • Saffron has appetizing properties and will help in better digestion of food.
  • This plant has a great effect on reducing anxiety and stress and is considered one of the happy plants.
  • Saffron tea can be used to relieve bloating and stomachache.
  • Saffron is considered one of the anti-cancer foods due to its high amount of antioxidants.
  • This plant can lead to kidney and bladder cleansing with its diuretic properties.
  • Saffron is one of the plants that lead to memory enhancement and continuous consumption can prevent Alzheimer's.
  • This tea can reduce the symptoms of the disease during a cold.
  • Consuming saffron helps in better blood circulation due to its hemostatic properties and is therefore very beneficial for heart health.
  • Saffron and honey tea is one of the effective ways to crush and remove bladder stones.
  • Saffron tea will be very effective for periods in women whose periods are irregular.

How to prepare saffron, cinnamon and cardamom tea

To prepare a delicious tea, you can use the combined tea of ​​saffron with fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, etc. and give your tea a different taste. To prepare this tea, you can put a quarter teaspoon of saffron per person with a glass of boiling water (for each person) and a stick of cinnamon on indirect heat and let it brew for half an hour. . After that, you can add some natural honey, candies or sugar to this delicious drink and enjoy eating it in an autumn evening! You can add some crushed green cardamom to this mixture and enjoy its pleasant taste! In addition, this tea is soothing and can significantly reduce the symptoms of a cold. Also, this tea will be very effective in relieving bone pain and removing eye puffiness.

How to prepare saffron and rose water tea

To prepare this tea, you can separate and pound three to four saffron leaves, then pour a glass of boiling water on it and let it brew for 30 minutes. After brewing this mixture, you can pour one to two spoons of original rose water inside it and drink it. You can even use dried rose water instead of rose water and prepare a very delicious saffron and rose water tea for yourself. This tea is very useful for people with a cold temperament and it is able to control the problems caused by the coldness of the body well. Some of the benefits of this tea are as follows:

  • Eliminate stomach bloating
  • hematopoiesis
  • Memory Improvement
  • Enhance sexual power
  • anti-aging
  • Relieve depression
  • Treatment of anorexia
  • Treatment of asthma and diabetes
  • Blood pressure and lipid treatment

How to prepare saffron and cardamom tea

To prepare this tea, you can brew 7 pieces of green cardamom with 1 gram of saffron and four glasses of boiling water. Then add two spoons of honey for each glass of tea, and enjoy yourself and your guests from drinking an autumn tea. In this combination, you can also use 1 tablespoon of chopped cinnamon sticks and benefit from the unique properties of cinnamon. Note: After brewing this mixture, you can add as much boiling water as you like.

How to prepare saffron and fennel tea

Saffron and fennel tea is recommended as a regular tea for women who have irregular periods. Fennel is rich in female hormones and its consumption is highly recommended for women in traditional medicine. To prepare this tea, you can pound a few saffron feathers and place it on the steam of the kettle along with a spoonful of powdered fennel and a glass of boiling water and let it brew well for 30 minutes. Then mix this tea with a little honey and drink it. This type of saffron tea is very useful for menstruation , and in addition to regulating Borden, it is able to prevent problems and premenstrual syndrome.


How to prepare saffron tea and Dried Echium

Calendula and saffron are both herbs that have anti-depressant and calming properties. Since cow's tongue flower leads to an increase in blood pressure, it is recommended to consume it together with lemon juice or saffron, which leads to moderation in blood pressure. To make this tea, you need to mix Echium and some saffron with boiling water and then brew this mixture for 15 minutes. After that, consume this tea with some honey and after dinner, which will lead to your relaxation during sleep.

How to prepare saffron and ginger tea

The mixture of ginger and saffron has a warm nature, so it will be very useful for people who have a cold temperament. To prepare ginger saffron tea, you should pound a few saffron feathers and then add some freshly grated ginger to it and pour boiling water over it. Now put the mentioned mixture on the steam to brew well for 20 minutes. After preparing this wonderful tea, you can sweeten it with some honey or sweets and drink it. Some properties of ginger and saffron tea are as follows:

  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Prevention of colds and sore throats
  • Strengthening the digestive system (stomach and intestines and enzymes of the digestive tract)
  • Treatment of poisoning

Time to consume saffron tea

You can prepare saffron as tea or brew it with black tea. You can take this tea one hour after each meal. It is better not to consume saffron tea before going to bed and eat it one to two hours before going to bed.

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