3 Simple Saffron Coffee Recipes ( No Coffee Beans)

3 Simple Saffron Coffee Recipes ( No Coffee Beans)


One of the drinks that many people are very interested in is coffee, which is consumed in different forms and has many properties

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks among all the people of the world. This drink has many properties and is often recommended by nutritionistsTraditional medicine also has many opinions about this bitter yet attractive and delicious drink.Experts in traditional medicine believe that fresh coffee has a hot and dry temperament, and roasted coffee has a cold and dry temperament, and they do not recommend it to people who have a cold and dry temperament.

How to prepare saffron latte and coffee at home 

When it comes to saffron coffee, some people who have been drinking coffee for many years are surprised that they have been to different coffee shops and drank coffee for so long, so why haven't they heard of saffron coffee or latte?

Here we are trying to fully examine and prepare these two drinks and also state their properties and benefits. 

1. Saffron coffee 2. Arabic coffee with saffron 3. Saffron Latte Cafe

 What is saffron coffee?

When describing saffron coffee, the most accurate sentence that can be said about it is: "It is not coffee at all!"

Saffron coffee is actually a type of tea and tea than coffee, this drink is in the culture and history of Iran ,It is a sweet and warm drink, exactly unlike coffee, and there is no trace of coffee in it.

How to prepare Persian saffron coffee


You need 4 ingredients to prepare this coffee:


  • A teaspoon of grated saffron
  • A teaspoon of ground cardamom
  • A glass of rose water 
  • Six teaspoons of sugar

To prepare this coffee, you need to pour the above 4 ingredients into a teapot and place it on a gentle heat until it boils, then turn off the heat as soon as it boils and put a cloth on the teapot as a stem. Put it in the pot and let your saffron coffee brew for 4 minutes.


Be careful, the combination of rose water and saffron makes drinking this coffee a bit spicy and hot, and try not to serve it in a large amount, and a small cup is enough for you.

 What is Arabic coffee with saffron?

In fact, Arabic saffron coffee takes a lot of time to prepare due to the use of the coffee beans, and it takes almost half an hour, but you will definitely remember the taste and flavor it prepares for you.

How to prepare Arabic coffee with saffron


To prepare this drink, you need to prepare the ingredients, which we will tell you here the preparation method for 5 people:


Arabic coffee, two teaspoons  

A teaspoon of cardamom 

A quarter of a teaspoon of cloves 

A quarter of a teaspoon of saffron 

Now, to prepare it, it is enough to pour approximately 1 liter of water into the pot and then add your ground coffee to it and mix it, then put it on the heat and after it boils, wait for 15 minutes. Let this happen.


In the next step, just add your saffron and cloves to the coffee and let your coffee absorb their full flavor for 5 minutes.


After this time, turn off the heat and filter your coffee and pour it into your cups and enjoy drinking it with your family.


In fact, the use of Arabic saffron coffee is considered one of the main customs and cultures of these regions.

 What is saffron cafe latte?

The issue that needs to be noted about the saffron latte cafe is that you don't need to pay attention to the words and get lost because your job is not as difficult as it might seem from the name.

We talked enough about saffron coffee, but when it comes to latte, as you can guess, the use of foamed milk is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to.

Saffron cafe latte is one of the very tasty drinks that you will find on the menu of many coffee shops, but can it be prepared at home? Below we have made this easy for you.

How to prepare saffron cafe latte at home

As we said, saffron coffee is different from latte.


In the past, we have told you exactly how to prepare latte at home, the difference here is that you only need to include saffron.

In the normal latte preparation method, you first need to prepare your espresso, for which you can use a coffee pot or a French press or a professional espresso maker.

After doing this, you should proceed to prepare foamed milk, which you can use an espresso machine or in simple ways to prepare it at home with a hand mixer.


After performing these two steps, you should pour the ground saffron into your cup

Then add the espresso and finally your frothed milk to prepare

Use saffron cafe latte, add it to the combination of espresso and saffron.


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