Benefits Of Adding Saffron To Food

Benefits Of Adding Saffron To Food

 Saffron and black tea

Saffron tea has many benefits for the body and its consumption in the morning gives a person a sense of vitality and freshness. Black tea has a cold nature, but saffron has a warm and dry nature; In this case, people who are cold can reduce the effects of cold in their body if they drink regular tea in the form of saffron tea. In addition, the use of saffron in tea is also used to relax the nerves, relieve daily fatigue and strengthen memory. Heart patients and pregnant women should use this drink less than other people. The method of preparing saffron tea is to pour half a teaspoon of saffron water into a glass of tea.

Saffron and green tea

Green tea has a warm nature and saffron has a warm and dry nature, so it is better to use more cold supplements in addition to this drink to make its nature mild and balanced, in this case the body will be strengthened and diseases will be removed from it. Consuming 3 servings of green tea with some saffron has many medicinal properties and has been introduced as an anti-cancer and anti-aging drug, prevention of depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, increased concentration, treatment of nerve pain and anemia. Most importantly, this combination is fat burning and slimming and can be useful for people who are looking to lose weight. To prepare this tea, half a teaspoon of saffron is mixed in a teapot of boiling water with some green tea to brew.



 Saffron and milk

The combination of milk and saffron creates a warm and invigorating drink and is soothing. Adding honey to this mixture makes this drink have a high nutritional value and helps the spirit and physical renewal. To have a glass of saffron milk, grinded saffron must be combined with heated milk. 

 Saffron and honey

The combination of honey and saffron has a warm character and is suitable for cold-tempered people. These two substances can be used as syrup and tea. To prepare saffron and honey tea, one should combine a tablespoon of grated saffron with two glasses of cold water and a little honey in a teapot and prepare a useful drink to strengthen the heart and give energy. Saffron syrup, honey and some rose water can be a delicious and aromatic medicine to calm the nerves. People who have dry skin can also combine some honey with saffron and put it on the skin. In addition to removing dryness, this combination makes the skin clear and bright.

 Saffron and sweet potato

The combination of sweet and saffron is used to relieve body cold due to their warm nature. It is also anti-flatulent and is a suitable method for treating heartache and colic. On the other hand, it also has an invigorating and joyful effect. Using a simple combination of sweet potato and saffron infusion is very effective for relieving fatigue and sleepiness. Also, people who have drooling in their sleep can cure their problem by using this combination.

 Saffron and rose water

Both saffron and rose water have a warm nature. The combination of these two is very useful for relieving stress and anxiety. Saffron and rose water syrup contains various vitamins such as A, C, E and contains sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, folic acid, manganese and zinc. This combination has properties such as eliminating stomach bloating, blood formation, strengthening memory, strengthening sexual powers, anti-aging, relieving depression, treating anorexia, treating asthma and diabetes, blood pressure and lipids, and many other properties. Saffron and rose water can also be used as a mouthwash because it relieves toothache. People who have convulsions and anesthesia can also use this combination to reduce the coldness of the main organs of the body, namely the brain and heart.

How to prepare rose water and saffron syrupThis is how half a liter of water is poured into the pitcher and in the next step a glass of rose water is added to it. Then dissolve half a teaspoon of saffron along with 5 spoons of honey in half a glass of boiling water and add it to water and rose water.

 Saffron and grape juice

The combination of grape juice and saffron is a miracle cure for depression. Saffron powder helps people to have a happy and cheerful mood and it can also be prescribed for those who have nervous problems. The combination of saffron powder and grape juice is used to remove anger, violence, and of course, lethargy, depression and listlessness. Experts believe that this consumption trend should continue until the depression is completely resolved, but we should not forget that consuming more than 5 grams of saffron in one meal can be dangerous. Both saffron and grape juice have a warm nature, and if a warm-tempered person wants to use this combination to relieve depression, he should use cold-natured ingredients such as yogurt, chicory, oregano, etc. Do not mix this hot.




 Saffron and coffee

Like saffron, coffee has a warm nature and has many benefits. People who are interested in its consumption can combine coffee with saffron, which strengthens the heart, to prevent the possibility of heart complications. On the other hand, the combination of coffee and saffron has anti-sleep properties, anti-infection, relieves headaches, reduces stress and increases alertness. Also, caffeine in coffee and crocin in saffron both have antioxidants and protect the body against many diseases. The preparation method is that while brewing coffee, saffron is added to it and both are brewed together

 Saffron and Echium amoenum

Calendula and saffron are both soothing. Calendula alone increases blood pressure, that's why its consumption together with saffron, which reduces blood pressure, can moderate this property of calendula. To prepare the tea of Echium amoenum and saffron, first combine the flower of the Echium amoenum, water and saffron and it should be placed on indirect heat for 10 minutes until the tea is ready. Heating for more than 10 minutes will destroy its Benefits. It is best to use it as an after dinner drink as it induces relaxation and sleep



 Saffron and Ginger

Saffron and ginger both have hot and dry nature. Ginger warms the body due to its sharp taste and is a suitable drink for the cold seasons. Saffron and ginger drink has many uses, for example: anti-cancer properties, preventing colds and sore throats, strengthening the digestive system (stomach and intestines and digestive tract enzymes) and treating poisonings. Of course, people who have stomach ulcers or use anticoagulants and even pregnant women should use this drink with caution. To prepare this very useful drink, it is necessary to combine 4 cups of water with a few strands of saffron and some grated ginger. Then close the lid and boil for 15 minutes. Remove the lid of the container again and let it boil for another 15 minutes until the desired drink is read


 Saffron and cinnamon

The combination of two valuable substances, saffron and cinnamon together, strengthens, calms and strengthens the stomach; Therefore, it is better for people who suffer from stomach upset to drink saffron and cinnamon tea. Both cinnamon and saffron have joy-enhancing, anti-depressant, sexual enhancement and body strengthening against diseases, and the combination of these two substances doubles their properties. To prepare cinnamon and saffron tea, put the cinnamon stick in boiling water and put some sugar cubes with saffron in the grinder to be ground. After it boils, turn it off to infuse


 Saffron and cardamom

The combination of saffron and cardamom has a warm and dry nature and can be used as an infusion because it strengthens the heart, stimulates the brain, makes people happy and laughs, and is effective in treating rheumatism, bone pain, joint pain, and arthritis. Saffron and cardamom tea is a heart beat regulator, fever reducer, appetizing and effective in blood circulation and useful in treating diabetes. The saffron in this tea prevents tooth decay, washes the kidneys, strengthens the body, is anti-allergic and expectorant. To prepare saffron and cardamom tea, first brew ground saffron with a few cardamom seeds and then drink it.

Saffron and licorice

The mixture of saffron, licorice powder and milk is used to increase the length and thickness of hair in such a way that once a week for 8 weeks, this mixture is placed on the head and left on the head from night to morning until it is effective


 Saffron and Rose Water or Dried Rose buds

If saffron and rose buds are combined together, it is an extremely useful tea for rejuvenating facial skin, treating acne and pimples, losing weight and losing weight, treating menstrual pain, treating depression and insomnia, colds, strengthening the immune system, strengthening Stomach and digestive system, cleansing the body, strengthening the heart, etc. are prepared. To prepare this drink, fresh rose flowers or dried rose buds should be washed and added to three cups of warm water, some saffron should be poured into it and the lid of the glass should be placed on it. It takes 5 or 10 minutes for this tea to brew

 Saffron and Flixweed

Flixweed has a cold character and saffron has a warm character, so the combination of these two balances each other. A drink containing Flixweed and saffron has many properties. This drink is very useful in quenching thirst, heatstroke, reducing fever, reducing cholesterol, preventing cancer, controlling blood pressure and relieving inflammation, and on the other hand, it is very effective in improving the functioning of the digestive system and kidneys. The saffron in this drink contains large amounts of manganese, iron, potassium and vitamin B6. Also, saffron has invigorating properties and is effective in improving the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

 Saffron and musk willow

Musk willow sweat has a cold and moist effect and saffron with its warm and dry nature helps to balance it. The combination of these two together makes a relaxing and anti-anxiety drink that lowers blood sugar, is anti-headache and relieves muscle pain



Saffron and lemon

Both saffron and lemon have a lot of antioxidants, regulate blood pressure and have anti-cancer properties. You can use saffron and lemon juice together as a syrup. In this way, lemon juice, a little ground saffron and sugar are mixed together, then water is added to this mixture.

Saffron and starch

 The combination of starch and saffron is used to treat insect bites, burning and itching. Starch has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, mix some starch with some saffron water and put it on the bite to heal



Saffron and Basil Seeds ( Ocimum album )

The black seeds of sorbet seeds contain a lot of protein. These proteins cause the appetite to decrease to a great extent and thus make the fitness program more advanced. Saffron is one of the valuable flavorings and herbs that can be used to flavor this drink. On the other hand, the use of water and saffron can make the egg syrup more effective in the desired drink and reduce the appetite to a greater extent. Nutritionists believe that if sugar is used to sweeten a drink containing syrupy eggs, the effect of reducing appetite will be reduced and most likely other effects of syrupy eggs will also be reduced. Therefore, saffron, cardamom and rose water are used for flavoring. Because saffron helps in reducing appetite and reducing extra body weight. 


 Saffron with yogurt

The combination of saffron, yogurt and some honey can be a miraculous mask for the face, which is used to restore the softness and beauty of the skin. People with dry skin can also benefit from this mask. It is a natural and effective way to improve the removal of acne, pimples and facial wrinkles. To prepare this mask, yogurt, saffron and honey should be mixed together to get a golden color. Then put it on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm wate


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