Saffron Benefits For Men's sperm , Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility

Saffron Benefits For Men's sperm , Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility

General introduction of saffron plant

The scientific name of saffron is corcus sativus and its old name is Zarparan, which can grow up to 30 cm in good and ideal conditions. Saffron belongs to the lily family with lily and tiger flower and is one of the most valuable and useful spices in the world, which is also called red gold. Saffron has a stem and 6 purple petals and 3 strands of red stigma. The part that has the most therapeutic and consumption benefits  is the red stigma in its flower. The stigma of saffron contains fat and mineral salts needed by the body and in this way it shows its beneficial effects.

The aroma and smell of saffron is due to the presence of safranal, the taste of saffron is related to the bitterness of picrocrocin and the color of saffron is related to the substance called crocin. All these substances have many benefits  for the body. The saffron plant has long been used in the treatment of flatulence, disorders related to stomach acid, cough, sleep disorders,Menstrual disorders, scarlet fever and cardiovascular disorders have been used. The crocin in saffron has very high therapeutic benefits  to the extent that many medicines have been produced based on saffron crocin. Crosina tablets are one of the most widely used drugs made from this magical substance. For more information, we suggest you read the article on where to get Crocina tablets .


Infographic of the benefits  of saffron on men's sperm

Sexual infertility disorder

Today, infertility has become one of the common problems of couples, and for this reason, research and laboratory studies have been conducted to treat this disorder. Infertility can be caused by various reasons such as immune problems, age, nutrition, endocrine disorders, lack of growth of testicles, weather, sperm quality and sexual dysfunction .

Currently, more than 150 million men around the world suffer from infertility, and for this reason, they use various drugs and treatments to treat infertility  . Meanwhile, saffron as a food seasoning and flavoring can be used as one of the suitable options to treat this problem


Benefits  of saffron for men's sperm

Sexual infertility sometimes happens due to imperfection of men's sperms. The important components of male sperm are its head and tail. If there is no problem in the structure of the sperm, the probability of fertility increases, and if the sperm is incomplete, the probability of fertility decreases. Below we will examine the criteria of sperm health and the effect of saffron on it.

1. The effect of saffron on sperm movement

The faster the sperms travel through the cervix to reach the egg and the stages of fertilization and embryo formation, the higher the probability of their survival and ultimately the higher the probability of fertility. Specialists have divided sperm movement into four categories.
a) fast and forward movement
b) slow and in place movement
c) forward movement
d) without movement
 Type A sperms have the best function.

In traditional treatment, brewed saffron was used for this purpose. Brewed saffron prevents the dryness of the skin of the testicles and causes the sperm to move faster. But in newer treatments, ethanol extract of saffron is used. Saffron dissolved in ethanol causes more mobility of sperms and it does this by removing free radicals that prevent the full growth of sperms.

VaricoceleIt is one of the most common diseases related to infertility. This disease is usually caused by a disturbance in blood flow in the scrotum. In this way, the veins inside the scrotum do not transfer the blood flow well. This disease ultimately leads to a decrease in the number of sperms and the quality of sperms and in some cases leads to infertility in people. Click to learn about ways to increase sperm in men .

2. Effect of saffron on sperm quality

Urology experts believe that saffron does not increase the number of sperms. Rather, it increases the quality of sperms. In this case, the role of ethanol extract of saffron on the reduction of free radicals should be mentioned. At the same time, it should be added that reducing stress and oxidative stress increases the number and lifespan of sperm producing cells as well as sperms themselves. When the human body does not have enough antioxidants, sex cells die much earlier and the death of sex cells causes various sexual disorders .

3. The effect of saffron on preventing chromosome damage

Saffron is considered a strong antioxidant and for this reason, it removes free radicals as well as genetic mutations at the chromosome and DNA level. Saffron does this by preventing inflammation of brain cells and also by improving body organs.

4. The Benefits  of saffron for men's sperm The effect of saffron on erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a man is unable to erect his penis or cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. This complication can happen due to various physical reasons such as diabetes, blood pressure, MS, Parkinson's disease, endocrine disorders, etc. In any case, the cause of this problem is the lack of adequate blood supply to the penis, and if the blood circulation in the penis fails, the sex hormones also lose their effectiveness and the normal sexual function is disturbed.

By helping to improve blood flow, saffron has a positive effect on the amount of blood flow in the genital organs andis effective in the treatment of erection . Research has shown that the consumption of saffron increases the number of erections and reduces the latency of sexual arousalAnd also increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.

In another study, the use of 100 mg of saffron for 10 days caused the enlargement of the base and tip of the male penis, which indicates the improvement of blood flow in these areas. Increasing blood flow in turn increases the secretion of sex hormones and finally eliminates erectile dysfunction.

5. The effect of saffron on increasing the secretion of sex hormones

Consumption of saffron increases the secretion of sex hormones in both men and women. Consumption of saffron and its derivatives increases the secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone from the anterior pituitary gland, and ultimately causes the level of testosterone to increase in the brain and sexual organs, and in this way, increases libido in men.

The use of saffron in women also initiates a similar mechanism. This means that the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone increases the secretion of FSH and LH, and this increases the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones. This hormone increases women's libido . So, according to the current findings, we must say that saffron increases sexual desire in both men and women.

6.Benefits  of saffron for men's sperm The effect of saffron on strengthening the relationship of couples

Disruption in the sexual performance of couples weakens relationships within families. One of the important factors of a good marital relationship is satisfying the sexual needs of both parties. Sex makes couples more intimate and committed to each other and increases the quality of life. Consumption of saffron increases libido in men and women. This issue leads to sexual intercourse and increases marital intimacy between couples.

7. The effect of saffron on the reduction of libido caused by antidepressants

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. This disease is usually ameliorated to some extent by anti-depressants. One of the side effects of antidepressants is decreased libido . Research has shown that the consumption of saffron increases the sexual desire of people who suffered from sexual disorders due to the use of antidepressants .

8. The effect of saffron on increasing blood circulation in the genitals

Increasing blood circulation in the sexual organ strengthens sexual desire. In fact, one of the reasons for infertility is sexual disorders and lack of proper blood circulation in the sexual organs. Consumption of saffron improves the speed of blood circulation in different organs and also increases the amount of blood supply to the sexual organs. Consumption of saffron improves blood circulation by warming the body organs.

Comparing the effect of saffron with Viagra

As it was said, sexual dysfunction is a widespread disorder worldwide. One of the drugs used in this regard is Sildenafil (Viagra). Viagra increases the sexual ability of men by increasing the production of nitric acid. Nitric oxide helps cells in the hypothalamus, which are important for sexual behavior, increase blood flow to the male penis.

Viagra is widely used in the treatment of sexual disorders. But its weakness is that it can lead to sudden death and blindness in heart patients. However, consumption of saffron does not cause physical problems for people, and it has been found in research that its effectiveness is similar to Viagra. Tenetex-Royal herbal capsule has the same effect as Sildenafil (Viagra) according to studies. Click to read more about the effect of sildenafil on sperm .

Benefits  of saffron for men's sperm The best way to use saffron

In order for saffron to have the best results for the body, it is better to consume it in an infused form. In general, research has confirmed its greater benefits when used as a solution in water, syrup or brew


Determining the right amount of saffron effect

In order for a drug to show its effect well, it needs to be used in the right dose. If a drug is used in a low dose, it will not be effective, and if it is used in a large dose or amount, it will cause a state similar to poisoning in people.
According to the research conducted in the field of the appropriate amount of saffron for daily consumption for the treatment of sexual disorders and sexual infertility, 100 mg per day is stated. For example, in a research, 25 mg of saffron was given to one group, 50 mg to the second group, and 100 mg to the third group. At the end of the research, there was no difference between the first and second groups and normal people in terms of sexual desire. Only people who consumed 100 mg of this substance daily had increased libido .
Another issue is determining the duration of use for the effect of a medicine. Some drugs act quickly and finally show their effectiveness within an hour after consumption. Some drugs work long-term and their effects can be seen in the body after a few days or weeks.

The right amount of saffron effects
drugs that have a high speed of action usually leave their effect on brain cells. But slow-acting drugs enter the body's tissues through hormones, and sometimes they need a month for the hormones to reach their full potential.

As explained above, consumption of saffron stimulates the pituitary gland. For this reason, the speed of its effect is slower than that of brain cells. Another thing that should be noted is that the consumption of saffron increases the fatty acids in the sperm cell membrane. Fats also increase performance and libido and improve men's lack of libido , but the speed of their effect is even slower than hormones.
With all these explanations, finally, we must say that according to research, the average time for saffron to affect libido and increase the quality and concentration of sperms is 20 days. Of course, depending on the quality and concentration of each person's sperm, the duration of use will vary. Considering how much sperm concentration should beThe quality of each person's sperm concentration will determine the duration of use. The longer the duration of daily consumption of saffron, the greater its effect on the hormonal system and the amount of neuropeptides, and of course its effect on sexual function will increase.

Benefits of saffron for men's sperm last word

In this article, we tried to investigate as much as possible the healing benefits of saffron for men's sperm and also to improve sexual performance. But you should be careful that sexual dysfunction is not only due to the lack of proper blood flow or other reasons. There is a possibility that the problem in sexual function has occurred for other reasons. So, if consuming regular and specific amount of saffron has no effect on improving sexual performance, it is better to seek help from health experts, i.e. psychiatrists and psychologists in this regard. In some cases, mental disorders affect people's sexual activity and cause marital dissatisfaction . 

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