Saffron Benefits for the Brain and Nerves + 3 beneficial recipes:

Saffron Benefits for the Brain and Nerves + 3 beneficial recipes:

Saffron Benefits for the Brain and Nerves + 3 beneficial recipes: 

In general, the Health Benefits of saffron for the brain are many and different, which we mention in this section:

  • Recovery of tremors and tremors of the body
  • Relief of nerve pain
  • Treatment of sleeplessness or insomnia
  • Increased concentration
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Recovery from depression
  • Treatment of forgetfulness and Alzheimer's
  • invigorating
  • Increase memory power


Analysis and review of the Benefits of saffron for the brain

Saffron is a strong antioxidant and due to its crocin, it increases memory and by consuming saffron, you not only strengthen your memory and learning, but also keep the central nervous system away from oxidative disorders.

According to many studies, saffron is useful in dealing with learning and memory disorders. In a study; With the daily administration of 30 mg of saffron, they witnessed the improvement of Alzheimer's patients. It should also be known that the extracts of crocin and ethanol present in saffron cause antidepressant effects.

Aqueous extract of saffron is very useful even for those who have schizophrenia, and it is interesting that the consumption of saffron does not have any side effects for the body.

The properties of saffron for the brain are done by saffron, by reducing the accumulation of sediment in the brain. To increase the effects of saffron, you can eat saffron with milk or drink saffron tea and try to consume them regularly because it is over time that the effect becomes clear and you should not expect miracles overnight.

Treatments with saffron extract reduce some of the verotoxic effects. Also, extracts that are similar increase the production of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and glutamate, which is the result of all this, strengthening and making the human brain stronger.

Also, in the conducted studies, the protective role of saffron in cerebral ischemia (lack of sufficient blood supply to the brain) has been great, and this is the reason why it gives vitality and freshness.

Ibn Sina has always believed that:

Saffron is useful and effective for memory, and the combination of frankincense, honey and saffron, which is made into a paste, is excellent for strengthening memory. 

He has prescribed this combination to cure mental retardation.

In addition to saffron, there are other spices that are effective for brain activities such as; Turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and fennel seeds.


Saffron extract and its therapeutic effect on Alzheimer's

After their research, researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences have come to the conclusion that saffron plant extract is effective in treating Alzheimer's and have proven it.

Dr. Shahin Akhundzadeh (who is one of the professors of this university) and his colleagues during a 22-week study, influenced 54 people who had mild to moderate Alzheimer's with saffron and its properties. They divided people into 2 categories; The first group was given saffron extract in the form of capsules, and the second group was given Donepezil, and it is interesting that the treatment results of both groups were the same.

This university professor said at the international conference "Saffron, herbal medicine of the third millennium":

The result of this study showed that saffron extract can be used as a medicine for Alzheimer's and [as you know, the history of saffron tells us that Iran has always been the world's saffron mine] 85% of the world's saffron is produced only in Khorasan, which is In the same ratio, 85% of the research on its properties is done in Iran.


3 golden editions for a powerful brain and memory

1) Be sure to try lavender and saffron

If you are facing problems such as stress, chronic headaches, forgetfulness, one of the best ways is to consume lavender tea.

But if you want to have a powerful memory, combine saffron and lavender and brew this mixture and consume it regularly, for example, drink a cup every 8 hours.

Since ancient times, lavender has many uses and has been used in the treatment of diseases such as mental retardation, forgetfulness, melancholy, epilepsy, mania (a state of extreme euphoria).


2) Eat saffron and figs

One of the important factors for the health and improvement of brain function are sugars, which are very necessary, and you can help your thinking power and memory by consuming saffron and figs.

Apart from saffron itself, which is great for the brain, figs contain vitamins A, B, C and various minerals that are very useful for strengthening brain cells.


3) Consume saffron along with almonds

The compounds in almonds strengthen the central nervous system. It is enough to boil some saffron and almonds together or even eat them separately and benefit from their properties.

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