14 common mistakes in making grilled chicken

14 common mistakes in making grilled chicken

1. You stoke the fire

High heat will ruin your delicious dinner. If you are using gas ovens or grills, a medium temperature of around 177°C is sufficient. If you use charcoal, try to turn the hot coals on their back and cook the meat with their indirect heat.

Grills with lids are a good choice for grilling. Closing the space around skewers and chicken makes cooking better and faster.

2. You forget salt and pepper

Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Even if you don't like to use different ingredients to flavor meat, you still shouldn't neglect salt and pepper. Some people soak the meat in salt water. This is also a good idea. This makes the taste of the kebab better and prevents moisture from escaping from the meat.

3. Do not pay attention to the degree of doneness of the meat

In order to enjoy a delicious grilled meat, you should pay attention to the degree of doneness of the meat. It is not recommended to overcook or undercook the meat. Do you know the interesting and simple solution to this problem? Use a thermometer. Bring a thermometer and measure the temperature of the meat.

If the temperature of the meat is around 74 degrees Celsius, it does not need to cook more. If the shape and model of the thermometer allows you, insert it into the thickest part of the meat and measure the temperature. Be careful that the thermometer does not touch the bone of the meat.

4. You add the sauce quickly

Using sauce to flavor the chickens has some etiquette. If you quickly dip the meat pieces in the sauce and fry them, your barbecue will be ruined. Be patient for the meat to be dipped in the sauce so that the kebab does not burn and the meat is cooked.

If you have put the skewers on the fire, do not add more sauce to the meat too quickly. Let your chicken stay on the heat and add more sauce if needed after cooking a little.

Special barbecue sauce usually contains ingredients that turn brown on heat. This color will trick you into thinking your roast is cooked, but it isn't. So be aware of this point.

5. You grill meat and other ingredients together

When skewering the chicken, do not put other ingredients next to the skewer

Do not add different ingredients such as tomatoes and peppers to skewers. The presence of other ingredients in the skewer causes their excess water to drip onto the flame and make it hotter. This makes it difficult to cook kebabs; the intense and hot flame burns the meat and ruins the kebab. Be careful to grill other delicious ingredients such as tomatoes and eggplants on separate skewers.

6. You cook different parts of the meat together

Cooking each part of the chicken has its own rules. The time and method of cooking thigh and breast are not the same. Cooking wings has its own story. Therefore, it is better to send the same parts to a skewer so that they cook together.

To cook the chicken breast, you should turn the skewers and don't let them remain motionless on the heat for a long time. This helps to keep the meat moist. If you cook the kebab properly and properly, it will not be difficult to separate it from the skewer.

7. After cooking the kebab, you quickly go to the skewers

When you cook the kebabs, wait a few minutes and don't rush to the skewers. Take the skewers off the fire and wait for a few minutes. If your pieces of grilled meat are small, give them 5 minutes. If the pieces of meat are large, leave them aside for 15 to 30 minutes and then skewer them.

8. Your skewers and tools are not very clean

If you want to eat first-class and delicious grilled chicken, pay more attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Wash and clean the skewers or grill tray carefully, because if there are particles of fat and previous dirt on them, the taste of your grilled meat will be spoiled.

9. Your pieces of meat are thick

Do not cut the pieces of breast meat too thick. Thick meat is not well cooked. The breast meat should be neither thick nor too thin. This way the kebabs cook well.

In addition, be careful to cut the pieces of meat evenly. Thick and thin parts prevent them from cooking at the same time. The rawness and burning of different parts in this case is not strange.

10. You don't grease the skewers

Grease the kebab skewers

Sometimes at the end of grilling, you face a very unpleasant scene. what scene Sticking the meat to the skewer and the pieces of chicken breaking when removing them from the skewer. To prevent this problem, it is better to slightly grease both the meat and the skewer.

11. You leave the kebabs alone

Grilling requires patience. Stand over the pieces of meat and do not take your eyes off them. Look at the different parts of the meat and turn the skewers at the right times so that the cooking process goes smoothly.

12. You grill the skinned pieces of meat with the skinless ones

Pieces with skin and bones will take longer to grill. Be careful to keep them separate from skinless and boneless parts. The parts of the chicken breast that do not have bones and skin are grilled sooner. By following this point, prevent the meat from burning.

13. The meat is not fresh

If you follow all the tips and still your barbecue is not as it should be, the problem is the quality of the meat. Stale meat does not give you a good barbecue. Seasoning and cooking method will not work for you. Buy meat from reliable centers and stores with daily slaughter.

14. False signs will mislead you

Sometimes they don't give false signs that you will get to your work correctly. What do you mean? For example, skewers becoming hot or barbecue sauce turning brown do not indicate that the meat is cooked. Do not rush and turn the kebabs carefully and patiently on the fire until they are cooked completely.

now it's your turn!

Did you review the common mistakes of cooking barbecue chicken? Did you like the content? Do you have a tip or experience to share with us? 

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