Butter Saffron Sauce Recipe: How to Make golden sauce for white meats

Butter Saffron Sauce Recipe: How to Make golden sauce for white meats

This sauce can be used to serve all types of seafood and chicken.

Required materials:

 Chicken broth is almost thick  2 cups
 Yolk  2 pcs
 flour  2 soup spoons
 Lemon juice  half a glass
 Butter 50 grams
Ground and dissolved saffron 1 soup spoon
Sugar 1 tablespoon of jam
salt and pepper to the desired amount


 How to Make golden sauce for white meats:
1) Fry the butter with a little flour and add chicken broth little by little until the sauce thickens a little.

2) Add melted saffron, lemon juice, salt and pepper

3) Mix the egg yolks with sugar well and reduce the flame of the stove and add the yolk to it.

4) Mix the ingredients a little so that the balls do not form and remove the pan from the heat. 


Saffron sauce with Rose Water 

Reparation time 10 minutes    _    Cooking time 18 minutes
1.Mix all the ingredients except rose water and saffron and stir until the starch dissolves
2.Put the mixture on a low flame and stir constantly until it becomes like a porridge
3.Now add saffron and stir for a minute and turn off the flame
4.At the end, add rose water and let the sauce cool down.


Saffron sauce : Main ingredients
Thick brewed saffron    2 tablespoons of jam
flour.  1 tablespoon
starch.   1 tablespoon
Sugar.  half a glass
Rose Water. 1 glass
-Stir non-stop while cooking, otherwise it will stick to both the top and the bottom
 To use, both the sauce and the cake and sweets must be cool


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