Easy Persian Saffron Chicken Mince Kebab Recipe :

Easy Persian Saffron Chicken Mince Kebab Recipe :

How to prepare chicken Minced kebab

Chicken Kobideh Kebab is one of the traditional Iranian and Turkish dishes that has many fans and is a staple food for parties and celebrations. Chicken pounded kebab is one of these types of kebabs. Since the chicken breast has a dry texture, it can be greased with the olive oil or Sheep Tail Fat 

Necessary ingredients for 4 people
Filleted chicken breast 500 grams
olive oil  or Sheep Tail Fat 
80 to 100 grams
medium onion 2 pcs
Thick brewed saffron 2 soup spoons
Black pepper Half a teaspoon
paprika Half a teaspoon
Salt To the extent necessary

How to prepare pounded chicken kebab

first stage

To prepare a delicious pounded kebab with chicken meat, at the beginning of the work, we wash and cut the chicken breast. Then, along with the tails, we rotate twice. Wash and peel the onion. Then we grate the onions in a bowl

second stage

At this stage, we take the excess water with our hands and throw it away. In a large bowl, we put the grated onion that has been drained into the chicken breast and the ground coriander. Add pepper, paprika and saffron to the chicken and mix until it becomes smooth and all the flavors are absorbed by the chicken.

The third step of how to prepare battered chicken kebab

Note that there is no need to knead too much. Just mix the ingredients well. At this stage, we put the ingredients in the refrigerator so that the flavors can be mixed. Then, a few minutes before serving time, we skewer the meats

The fourth stage

Note that a wide skewer is used for pounded kebab. You can also use a skewer machine. You can make 4 big skewers or 8 small skewers with these ingredients. Then we grill the kebabs with a barbecue or charcoal grill.

The fifth stage

After the kebabs are finished cooking, we put them on the bread and pull them from the skewers. Kebabs can be served with plain or saffron rice and grilled tomatoes or with bread. You can use soft butter when serving, if the meat fat is low.


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