How to Cook Fish Without Making Your Whole House Smell

How to Cook Fish Without Making Your Whole House Smell

Fish is one of the most delicious and useful sea foods that you can prepare this dish with all kinds of fish and with simple saffron rice or vegetable pilaf as you like for different occasions

Be careful that seasoning the fish is one of the most important parts of its preparation, and make sure that the fish should not stay in the marinade for more than 3 hours, because fish meat is not like chicken or red meat, and it loses its texture and when fried Do not leave the fish in the ingredients after the night before.


1 salmon

Fresh orange or lime juice 2 tbsp

1 onion

Garlic 2 cloves

Saffron 1 tbsp

6 tablespoons of white flour

Fish spices, turmeric, black pepper, salt as needed

2 cups of rice

Vegetable pilaf as desired

How to prepare delicious fish without smell

First step: preparation

First, you need to remove the skin of the fish so that it tastes good and does not bother you when frying the fish and sticks to the pan. If your fish is frozen and frozen, put it in a plate and pour boiling water on it and remove the skin very quickly and easily. Pull with your hands until it separates, wash and dry well with a towel.

Second step: Seasoning the fish

Next, you should put the fish in a bowl and add fresh orange or lime juice to it, then peel some salt, black pepper and onions and cut them into slices and add them to it along with garlic and saffron and for 1 Put it in the ingredients for up to 3 hours until the fish tastes good.

The third step: frying the fish

Next, you should pour flour into a bowl or plate, add a little salt and turmeric, and pound the fish into the flour, then pour oil into the pan, and after it is hot, fry both sides with low oil and medium heat until it is cooked. .

Fourth step: preparing delicious fish without smell with rice

Wash the rice in advance and put it on the heat and drain it when it becomes soft. If you like, you can prepare it with vegetable pilaf or simply and serve it with fried fish. Enjoy your meal

Tips and tricks for making delicious fish without smell

You can put the fish in the fryer or the oven or the solarm, or you can put it in the grill pan.

If you want your rice to be tastier, put a garlic bush in the middle of the rice.

You can also fry a little guche and potato with this dish and put it as cinnamon.

You can add some cinnamon to the flour to make the fish cold

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