How to make Persian Saffron ice cream porridge

How to make Persian Saffron ice cream porridge


ce cream porridge is one of the types of simple and delicious desserts that are made with different ingredients and flavors.

Ingredients for ice cream porridge
Milk 2 glasses
Sugar 4 tablespoons
Rice flour 4 tablespoons
Vanilla ice cream in a glass 1 piece
vanilla ¼ teaspoon
Rose ½ cup
Breakfast cream (optional) 1 tablespoon
Thick brewed saffron enough

How to make ice cream porridge

first stage

To prepare delicious ice cream porridge, at the beginning of work, we pour milk together with sugar and ice cream into a suitable pot, then sift the rice flour into the pot and stir well until the ingredients in the milk are completely dissolved.

second stage

Now put the pot on a low heat and stir the mixture continuously until it reaches the consistency of porridge. Note that the heat should be very gentle so that the rice flour is cooked well and its raw smell disappears.

third level

When the porridge mixture reaches the right concentration, add rose water, vanilla and cream if desired to the pot and mix until the porridge mixture is completely uniform. Now we remove the pot from the heat and choose our serving glasses

The fourth stage

If you want to have a two-color ice cream porridge, pour 2 spoons of the porridge into the serving glasses, then add some brewed saffron to the rest of the porridge and mix well until the porridge becomes saffron.

The fifth stage

Now we let the simple ice cream topping in the top of the glass, then we slowly pour the saffron ice cream topping on it. Next, we decorate the dessert with pistachio powder, coconut powder and rose flowers as desired.

The sixth stage

Finally, we put the glasses of ice cream porridge in the refrigerator for at least 2 to 3 hours so that they cool and harden completely. After this time, take the glasses out of the refrigerator and serve. Enjoy your meal


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