Saffron Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects + Saffron Tea Recipes

Saffron Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects + Saffron Tea Recipes

What kind of tea is saffron tea?

To know saffron tea , we naturally have to know what saffron itself is , before we can talk about its tea. In the past, we talked about saffron itself, and now it's time for saffron tea.

Saffron tea: a completely herbal tea can be prepared from dried saffron flowers. The difference between saffron tea and many similar drinks is that traditional saffron tea does not have any caffeine in it, but if you want to go for modern saffron tea or the same tea bag, inside that tea bag is a combination of saffron and black tea. It contains essential oil and caffeine.

Now you can choose which style of saffron tea you like

What is the nutritional value of saffron?

There are extremely strong compounds in saffron strands such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, zeaxanthin and anthocyanin, vitamin B and other antioxidants and carotenoids, and these powerful compounds lower a person's stress level and are also useful in treating infections. .

These were just a summary of the edible properties of the saffron plant, so it is good to add saffron cooking to our cooking style to have tastier and healthier foods.


9 of the best properties of saffron tea

1) A painkiller for abdominal pain

If you feel pain in the abdomen - whether it is severe pain or normal pain - you can use saffron infusion and find a comfortable and calm feeling. In addition, saffron infusion is also useful for pain in the area of ​​the colon membrane.

2) regulation of blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure or want to prevent high blood pressure, be sure to use saffron infusion because saffron contains crocin, which is very useful in reducing blood pressure.


3) Confusion

With saffron infusion, you can stimulate coughing and vomiting, as a result of which pains in the stomach, throat and chest areas disappear.


4) Prevention of heart diseases

There are antioxidants in saffron tea that can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, there are flavonoids in saffron, which are considered good protectors in this regard.

During a clinical trial in which 20 people participated and 10 of them were suffering from heart disease, it was found that the people with the disease made better progress in the treatment and the health of the non-sick people also improved.


5) Antidepressant and uplifting

According to many studies, saffron tea can change the hormonal balance of the brain and have many effects on anxiety, mood and similar issues.

Drink a cup of saffron tea first thing in the morning and you will be refreshed and cheerful at the end of the night.


6) A powerful mask with saffron

The effect of this tea on the brain is very high due to the presence of antioxidants because it can reduce plaque deposition in the brain and minimize the risk of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.


7) Prevent cancer with saffron

There are carotenoids and anthocyanins in saffron spice that are very strong to fight free radicals and are able to neutralize them.

As a result of this advantage of saffron, it reduces the level of chronic inflammation and is also useful for preventing diseases such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, it is interesting to know that saffron gets its pleasant color from crocin, and this component is a chemical component in the flower and is able to inhibit cancer cells and potentially reduce tumors.


Saffron tea

8) Increasing eye health

The truth is that saffron is considered a shield for vision cells because it is composed of fatty acids.

Cataract is one of the diseases related to the eyes, because saffron contains beta-carotene, it can protect vision and prevent a person from macular degeneration, and as a result, prevent or at least delay the development of cataracts. .

If you regularly drink a cup of this tea every day, it can interfere with the process of blindness and thus delay blindness, it also protects the eyes from excessive light because the antioxidants in saffron There is, it will close the place of blue light towards the inner layers of the retina.


9) Improvement of menstrual pain

The saffron plant has been used as a stimulant for women's menstruation since the past, that is, when a woman had irregular habits, she used this prescription to regulate her habits. In addition, if you have problems such as uterine bleeding, pain caused by menstruation, etc. Be sure to use saffron infusion.


How to prepare saffron tea

Ingredients needed to prepare saffron tea

* Two glasses of water

* Two grams of ground saffron

* As much as a tablespoon of black tea

* As much as a tablespoon of rose water

* Cardamom is also sufficient



Preparing saffron tea:

In the first step, we boil the water, in the second step, we add all the ingredients, i.e. saffron powder, rose water, cardamom, and black tea to the teapot, so that it brews for about 10 minutes. You can also use whole saffron threads instead of saffron powder.

Your fragrant and delicious saffron tea is ready and you can drink this tea with dates, honey, sugar or sweets.


Getting to know the nature of saffron tea

The nature of saffron plant is hot and dry, but the nature of black tea is cold, so saffron tea has a balanced nature. As a result, cold-tempered people can now use saffron-flavored tea instead of black tea to relieve the effects of cold-tempered body. Be careful that if you use green tea instead of black tea, the nature of this tea will be quite hot, and this combination will be harmful to the body if consumed in large quantities.


2 important points for consuming saffron

1) As you know, it is harmful to combine some foods with each other, such as melon and honey, which have a high reputation, this rule is also true for saffron, and you should be careful not to mix saffron infusion with other hot spices or Do not eat them immediately after consuming saffron infusion because it is harmful to the body, especially it damages your liver. Therefore, always consult an expert in this field and consume them after knowing the nature of spices and herbs. However, one of the basic elements in harm or benefit is to diagnose your temperament, which is the responsibility of the doctor.

2) It is true that this tea is extremely fragrant and has many properties, but try not to use it more than 2 or 3 times during the week, our suggestion is to replace it with apple juice or apple juice on the rest of the days. Do it because the properties of apple are completely similar to the properties of saffron, with the difference that they do not cause heart diseases.


Have you tried Moroccan saffron tea?

Items needed to prepare Moroccan saffron tea:

* Strands of saffron

* Some green tea

* Boiling water as needed

* A quarter cup of sugar


How to prepare Moroccan saffron tea:

First, we prepare boiling water and pour green tea into it and wash it, then we take out the tea leaves and throw away the water, now we put these leaves in a new blue container and add saffron and sugar to it. and let it boil for 5 minutes. Moroccan saffron tea is ready.

Also, if you like, you can add mint to enhance the taste of tea.

This tea is very invigorating and drinking just a few cups of it will bring strange changes in your behavior and life.


  Saffron tea with rose water and cardamom


  • Black tea: 1 tablespoon
  • Ground saffron: 2 grams
  • Water: 2 French glasses with handles
  • Rose water: 1 teaspoon
  • Cardamom: As much as needed

Saffron tea has a unique aroma, but if you prepare this tea with cardamom and rose water, it will taste better and its properties and benefits for the body will multiply. In the following, you can learn about the steps of making saffron tea with cardamom and rose water.



first stage; boiling water


In the first step of how to prepare Majlisi saffron tea with rose water and cardamom, you should pour some water in the kettle to boil.


second stage; Preparing saffron tea


In the second step of making saffron tea, you should pour saffron powder, black tea, rose water and cardamom seeds into the teapot. Then add boiling water to the teapot.


third level; Brewing saffron tea


After adding water to the teapot, in this step of how to prepare saffron tea, you should put the teapot on the heat of the kettle. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the tea to brew.


the fourth stage; Serving saffron tea


In the last step of preparing saffron tea, you can pour some strands of saffron on the tea to decorate the tea. Then drink this tea with honey, dates, sweets and sugar.



Tips and tricks on how to prepare saffron tea

  • In the preparation of saffron tea for period, you can also add some fresh ginger to saffron tea. This will make your tea warmer and reduce the pain caused by menstruation.
  • Adding cinnamon to saffron tea also makes your tea delicious. For this, it is better to use cinnamon sticks instead of cinnamon powder so that the color of your tea does not become dull.
  • To make saffron tea, it is better to use tea without essence and color so that the properties of the tea are more and the taste of saffron is not lost.
  • In order to make saffron tea, you can add saffron to it after preparing the tea. But usually, if saffron is brewed together with tea, its taste will be more delicious. We suggest that you also read the article on how to properly brew Iranian tea .


Is saffron tea harmful?

Fortunately, no harm has been said for this tea until now, except for irrational and excessive use of it, which causes damage to the kidneys and reduces the desire for food.

Also, researchers' research shows that using five grams of saffron in a single meal causes an increase in heart rate, lethargy, yellow skin, dizziness and other dangerous side effects, so don't forget moderation in consumption.

But the conditions of pregnant women are different as always and the use of this tea is not recommended for them because it causes the heart rate to increase and carries the risk of miscarriage.


Last word and conclusion:

As the last word, it should be said that this tea with its extraordinary properties can be a suitable alternative to harmful black tea. And the most important aspect of this tea, in addition to its excellent aroma and taste, is its healing properties.

In addition, it is very useful to share this article with your friends and relatives to increase their health and vitality, so that others are also aware of the properties of this delicious tea.

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