Health Benefits of Cold Saffron Drinks Plus Saffron Drink Recipes idea

Health Benefits of Cold Saffron Drinks Plus Saffron Drink Recipes ideas

Saffron or Zarparan is one of the most valuable and also the most expensive spices in the world , which has been called the golden spice or red gold. It is interesting to know that saffron has more than 150 different antioxidant compounds, and because of this, it strengthens memory, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and can also treat premenstrual syndrome.
Learn more about the nutritional value of saffron per 100 grams:
this amount of saffron has 310 calories, 6 grams of fat, 65 grams of carbohydrates, 11 grams of protein and 3.9 grams of 


saffron syrup

You can use saffron to prepare syrup. This syrup can be therapeutic for people who have stress, anxiety and depression and is very useful
Types of vitamins in saffron syrup : A., C., E. and group B vitamins such as B1. , B2. , B6. 
It is a source of iron, sodium, carbohydrates, potassium, fiber, magnesium
calcium, selenium, folic acid, manganese and zinc

What are the most important properties of saffron syrup

As we mentioned before, this syrup can cause happiness and eliminate depression and anxiety
You can use this syrup to increase appetite in people who are reluctant to eat or to increase appetite in children
Saffron syrup is very effective for better digestion of food, strengthening the stomach and eliminating stomach bloating
This syrup improves asthma, pressure, blood fat and sugar
Due to its hematopoietic properties, it strengthens the heart and the general condition of the body
You can use this syrup in people suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's because it strengthens memory and increases productivity in the brain
One of the most obvious properties of saffron syrup is its use before and after menstruation because it accelerates menstruation and eases menstrual pain. For more information, you can refer to the properties of saffron on PMS or menstruation 
Note: Do not use this syrup during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage. It is not prohibited during breastfeeding
Strengthening sexual power, relieving nervous tension and insomnia, cleaning urinary tracts, preventing premature aging and strengthening skin and hair are
other properties of saffron syrup

How to prepare saffron syrup

You can combine saffron syrup with other additives and in addition to a better and more diverse taste, you can also use their properties along with saffron. In the following, we will tell you some methods for preparing saffron syrup with other nutrients

Saffron and rose water syrup

Necessary ingredients for preparing saffron and rose water syrup
• Half a liter of water
• One glass of rose water
• One glass of birch sap
• Half a glass of lukewarm water
Five to six tablespoons of honey
• Half a tablespoon of saffron
How to prepare saffron and rose water syrup
Water, rose water and Pour the bitter gourd into a container and mix well
Dissolve honey in boiling water, then add saffron to it
Add the solution of honey, water and saffron to the ingredients in the container and after it cools down, drink it with a few pieces of ice.

Saffron syrup and egg syrup

Necessary ingredients to prepare saffron syrup and syrup eggs
• One glass of sugar
• Two glasses of water
• Brewed saffron
• One spoon of fresh lemon juice
• A small amount of beet juice and rose water
• Syrup eggs in the required amount
Saffron and khakshir syrup

How to prepare saffron syrup and sorbet eggs

To make this syrup, you can first prepare a saffron juice and use it in the next times to speed up the preparation of the syrup. To make saffron juice, put a glass of sugar, two glasses of water and grated saffron on the heat until it thickens. At the end, add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and let it cool
The presence of syrupy eggs in drinks quenches thirst and is very suitable for the holy month of Ramadan. To add syrupy eggs, it is necessary to soak them in boiling water for a few minutes and then pour them into your syrup
You can also use rose water and rose water for a better flavor
The properties of the syrupy egg
The syrupy egg has many properties and is suitable for all seasons and is very effective in quenching thirst
This plant is also known as Badrouj, Tereh Khorasani, Oqiman, Houk, Burang, Sarira and Badrouj Abiz, and it has been used as a traditional drink in various ceremonies since ancient times
This substance is one of the best substances for weight loss
Its gelatinous seeds can keep a person full for a long time without any calories
It is also useful for improving respiratory diseases
You can mix it with ginger and honey to treat asthma, flu, bronchitis, cough and cold. 
You can use the properties of this substance to improve digestive problems such as: constipation, indigestion, stomach pain and flatulence, as well as improving the functioning of the intestines
Improving a person's mood, migraine and melancholy, and eliminating excessive mental fatigue, nervous tension, regulating blood sugar levels, and eliminating body waste through the intestines are other benefits of using syrupy eggs.

Saffron and honey syrup

The wonderful combination of honey and saffron can be one of the best options in making syrup. These two foods are rich in nutrients and create an incredible flavor. Their combination can multiply their properties
Necessary ingredients to prepare saffron and honey syrup
• Half a tablespoon of grated saffron
• Two tablespoons of honey
• Half a liter of water
• Four tablespoons of rose water
How to prepare saffron and honey syrup
Grind the saffron and brew it like tea, then pour the water in Put a pot on the heat until it boils
Mix honey with rose water thoroughly and add infused saffron to it. You can serve this mixture with cold water as a drink
Benefits of honey
Relieving toothache, healing wounds and burns, solving liver problems, treating all kinds of allergies, treating headaches, controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, treating colds, treating eczema and warts, as well as this combination of honey and saffron for skin and hair and people with diabetes
. It is very suitable and useful

Properties of saffron

Relieving indigestion, treating digestive disorders, controlling stomach secretions, improving hemorrhoid pain, appetizer, anti-flatulence, relieving nausea, preventing cancer in the digestive system, improving lung diseases, improving the function of the respiratory system and shortness of breath. Relieving cough, treating asthma, treating whooping cough, improving kidney diseases, improving the cardiovascular system, treating infertility
Among the combined properties of these two substances, the following can be mentioned
Strengthening the power of vision
This powerful combination can regulate and strengthen cells. be an eye and protect them. This property is especially important for the elderly because it causes the treatment of retinal yellow spot in them.
Prevent cancer
According to scientific studies, this compound can have anti-cancer properties. Because many antioxidant substances can be found in it. Preventing the formation of tumors in the body and eliminating free radicals is one of the functions of the combination of honey and saffron
Pain reliever without side effects
due to the combination of safranal, the combination of honey and saffron can relieve all kinds of pain. Also, this combination can reduce stress, regulate the amount of sleep and increase mental concentration
Improving the appearance of the skin
the combination of honey and saffron mask and its application on the skin can leave wonderful effects. By hydrating the skin, it makes your skin soft and supple. This mask is highly recommended in the cold season
Reaching the ideal weight
the combination of honey and saffron can reduce false appetite and, as a result, regulate and control weightwill be
Cleansing the urinary tract
, the combination of honey and saffron increases the workload of the kidneys in the body and causes urine to be discharged. With this operation, the bladder is completely cleaned and washed
Increasing the health of the heart
Honey and saffron each individually have an amazing effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, and their combination can double these properties
Improving mood and increasing happiness and cheerfulness
the combination of honey and saffron can improve mood, increase cheerfulness, and eliminate anxiety and discomfort. In today's world, where people in the society are involved in many problems and nervous tensions, these tensions can be removed with this drink

Saffron and burdock syrup

Burdock is a laxative plant and strengthens the nerves, heart and sexual powers. It can also strengthen the digestive system and increase appetite. Preparation of saffron and burdock syrup can bring you a drink full of properties in addition to its pleasant taste. Stay with us in the rest of the article to tell you how to prepare this syrup
Necessary ingredients for preparing saffron and burdock syrup
3 soup spoons of orange juice
1/2 soup spoon of rose water
, 1/2 soup spoon of cardamom oil
1/2 soup spoon of burdock oil, 1/2
tablespoon of saffron powder
2 soup spoons Sugar or 2 tablespoons of honey
1 cup of water
4 pieces of ice

how to make saffron and burdock syrup

Brew saffron according to the method we mentioned earlier. Pour sugar, water and ice cubes into the blender and mix well. Add brewed saffron, orange spring water , cardamom water, rose water, and mint water to them and enjoy your drink

Saffron syrup and lemon juice

The wonderful taste obtained from the combination of saffron and lemon juice is very pleasant and unforgettable. This combination is also used in the preparation of syrup. The combination of taste and aroma of saffron with lemon makes you have a much more delicious and fragrant saffron syrup.
Necessary ingredients for preparing saffron syrup and lemon juice:
• One and a half glasses of sugar
• One glass of water
• Half a glass of brewed saffron
• 1/4 glass of lemon juice

How to make saffron syrup and lemon juice

Pound the saffron with a small lump of sugar in a mortar until it becomes powder. to be (Adding sugar to saffron will create a beautiful and orange color and you will have a fragrant and beautiful saffron.) Then pour it into a glass container or glass on which boiling water can be poured. Cover it with a saucer and let it brew for 15 minutes

Pour water, sugar and lime juice into a container and let the water boil and the sugar dissolves completely. Then add rose water to the ingredients and let it stay on low heat for 5 minutes. Remove it from the heat and add the saffron infusion to it. You can store this concentrated juice in the refrigerator and drink it with a little cold water when needed

Properties of lemon

Lemon has 22 anti-cancer compounds
It is rich in vitamin C and helps to cure constipation

Lemon helps to treat kidney stones with a substance called citric acid, and its continuous use prevents kidney stones

It improves the function of the liver and increases the production of bile, as well as removes toxins from the body
Drinking lemon juice daily reduces and controls blood pressure

It is interesting to know that the scent of lemon can reduce nausea and vomiting
during pregnancy

How to prepare Nazri saffron syrup

The amount and amount of raw materials in preparing Nazri saffron syrup is more and you should use bigger containers like pots

Necessary ingredients to prepare Nazri saffron syrup
• Sugar in the required amount
• Grated saffron 
• Water 
• Birch extract 
• Rose  water 
• Chicory or spring orange
How to prepare Nazri saffron syrup
To prepare Nazri saffron syrup, first pour water into the pot and let it boil. Then reduce the heat and add sugar and mix well until the sugar dissolves in the water
Add the saffron that you have already ground and brewed to the water and sugar mixture
Mix the ingredients well
After a few minutes, you can add rose water to it
After about a quarter of an hour, the syrup thickens on the heat and you can pour it into a container and keep it in the refrigerator. When serving the saffron offering syrup, pour a third of the glass with syrup and the rest with cold water.
How to prepare Majlisi saffron syrup
Saffron syrup can be a very suitable option for reception in gatherings and parties. The way to serve it completely depends on your taste. Choosing the right combination of materials or beautiful dishes is a choice that you can make according to your personality. But in this section, we will tell you some ideas for serving this drink
To serve syrup, you can wet the rim of the glasses with a mixture of water and sugar and decorate with different powders such as powdered sugar and grated lemon. until the edge of the glass has a lemony and delicious taste. To serve saffron syrup, pour three-fourths of the glass with cold water and to make the glasses beautiful, slowly add the thick saffron liquid to it until it settles. Enjoy your
beautiful yet tasty drink

Complications and harms of saffron consumption

Saffron and the possibility of miscarriage
Taking high doses of saffron is dangerous for pregnant women and it can cause miscarriage with uterine contractions. Causes allergies and sensitivities in some people
Its symptoms include dizziness, nausea, anxiety, and fatigue
Causing poisoning
high consumption of saffron can cause poisoning. Symptoms of saffron poisoning include yellowing of the skin and eyes, vomiting, dizziness, bloody diarrhea, and nosebleeds
Consuming 12-20 grams of saffron per day can cause death
Palm Sweating
Some people are facing the problem of palm sweating and they should avoid consuming saffron or at least reduce its amount because consuming saffron can make their problem worse

Having drug interactions
Saffron may interact with some drugs such as blood pressure lowering drugs or warfarin

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